Is your business ready for a digital twin?

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Ian Hawkins

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According to Gartner, “A digital twin of an organization (DTO) is a dynamic software model of any organization that relies on operational and/or other data to understand how an organization operationalizes its business model, connects with its current state, responds to changes, deploys resources and delivers expected customer value.”

The digital twin has many applications that range from enterprise performance and cost optimization to customer experience management, but all applications of the digital twin are intended to support organizations in their decision making processes. Creating a virtual copy of an organization is meant to help business leaders explore their options, engage in scenario planning, and minimize the risk of the organization’s chosen path.

But do you know what it would take for your organization to build a Digital Twin of your Organization? Where should your enterprise begin? And what steps should you take to improve your organization’s readiness to take advantage of Digital Twin of an Organization technology?

This white paper will cover:

  • How to benchmark your enterprise’s maturity for a DTO in clear, practical terms
  • Immediate recommendations for improving on maturity levels

It will then guide you to the DTO Business Readiness Monitor, enabling you to easily test your own maturity levels just by answering a few key questions. It’s as simple as that!

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