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PEX Network's mission is to be the first port of call for the leader of any business, large or small, to find practical advice on making their organization more efficient, profitable and agile. We are an indispensable resource for leaders and their teams, a forum for thought leaders and publishers of the latest research in a continually innovating and developing industry.   


We exist to provide information on continuous business improvement to our users.


The PEX Network has over 160,000 members worldwide - and is growing. Business leaders from SMEs and start ups to the largest multinational organizations in the world rely on us to provide them with free, up-to-date information on the latest innovations within Process Excellence and research into the developing trends. We are continually showcasing the latest news in OPEX in the form of webinars, whitepapers, podcasts, video, infographics and articles.

Bringing together the expertise of our members enables them to plan strategy for the future, develop their leadership skills, and make professional contacts.


We are the place for new ideas, new insights and new opportunities 

Membership of the PEX Network is both free and exclusive: we believe that information should be freely available, and that educated leaders are more effective, creating more efficient and more profitable businesses which benefit the economy and the planet. Whether we are introducing niche software to a seasoned CEO or a time-tested management concept to a first-time entrepreneur, we believe that the best businesses are good for society, environment and individuals.

Leadership is an intensely human skill, and the best leaders should leave you feeling inspired and empowered.


The PEX Network Advisory Board consists of key figures representing membership in the OPEX and Process Improvement space. These industry insiders have experience at every level, and are based in the world’s major business hubs, guiding topics on the PEX Network site in addition to frequently contributing content of their own.



‘PEX Network has produced ‘the best “plain English” guide on the exponential growth of RPA and its current uses.’ Christopher Argent, Generation CFO

‘PEX Network’s ‘Transformation: the knowledge’ is very informative with insights for all change managers.’ Phil Eldridge, MD, Secure Business Advisors

‘We have been thrilled to work with PEX Network. We’ve already begun to incorporate their new data into our product development.’ Jamey Heinze, CMO, iGrafx



PEX Network

‘Helping innovators connect their view from the forefront of emerging and maturing technologies to a hungry audience is what the internet was made for: working to make PEX the fastest and best communication solution for our clients is a genuinely exciting place to be.’ Ed Wells, Global Head of Digital

‘It’s not just about the bottom line. So many of the contributors to PEX are motivated to share their expertise in how all that effort and energy, from boardroom to shop floor can make the world a better place.’ Ian Hawkins, Editor

‘The PEX Community wants to learn, wants to share and wants to improve every single day. As you'd expect, they're genuinely passionate about process.’ Aya Gharbawi, Community Engagement Manager

‘How can technology benefit people? How can people benefit technology? The future is increasingly about the two working together—and our community is at the forefront of that journey.’ Sumit Dutta, Marketing Director


PEX Network Clients



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Each week, the PEX Network broadcasts its latest process excellence podcast interview featuring insight from esteemed PEX professionals and other inspirational figures. Hosted by Seth Adler, these interviews offer a look behind the scenes of process management, exploring how industries are changing and what is shaping the decisions of those leading those changes. Plus, each episode aims to uncover more about the real people and personalities driving our community forward. Available to listen to on iTunes and on PEXNetwork.com.

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