From Silo to System: An Integrated Approach to Transformation Success

Based upon two case studies, you will learn why an integrated approach to transformation delivers sustainable results and how the business equivalent of a “navigation system” will help you transform into an operationally efficient, agile organization.

For many organizations, digital business holds the key to future growth; however, the challenges associated with the full integration of digital business can be overwhelming and costly. In this whitepaper, you will learn about four roadblocks that prevent a truly integrated approach to transformation. Two case studies (in the retail & financial services industries) will be used to illustrate not only how it has been done before—but also the impact that a business “navigation system” can have on sustainable transformation results.  

Download this white paper today and discover:

  • The four roadblocks that are preventing organizations from approaching transformation in an integrated way
  • How the business equivalent of a “navigation system” will create sustainable transformation results
  • What two global businesses are doing to overcome organizational inertia and become operationally efficient