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Since the company’s founding in 2006, Nintex have helped customers and partners worldwide accelerate business results by digitally transforming workflows — thereby improving how people work. The combined power and ease of use of the Nintex Platform, coupled with outstanding customer service and an extensive global partner network, has led to more than 8,000 successful customers in 90+ countries.

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Good process automation is built on a foundation of excellent process management, forming part of a pattern of continuous improvement that is supported and propelled by insightful process optimization. This creates a cycle of ongoing improvement that engages teams, capitalizes on good technology and focuses on customer outcomes that benefit everyone.

To do that effectively you need a comprehensive and versatile suite of tools that can manage, automate and optimize your processes. Nintex is the best end-to-end process solution, and it’s just become more powerful with the release of the Nintex Workflow Generator.