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Modern BPM
Discover how Business Process Management (BPM) can complement your Lean Six Sigma transformation and Lean BPM enhance the customer journey’s though enhanced connectivity.  In this interview Stephen Willoughby, President & Principal Consultant Lean-BPM LLC, speaks to the PEX Network about the evolution of BPM and what's next for the... View now
"Our best changes come from the people that do the work."  In this PEX Network Interview Scott Paape, Vice President Rapid Continuous Improvement & Capital Planning, Dr Pepper Snapple shares his insights on the successful continuous improvement at Dr Pepper Snapple.
Emergence - It's Time for Process to Emerge from the Shadows
"By 2019, the computing power of a $4,000 computer will surpass that of a human brain," said Futurist Ray Kurzweil. Are you ready for process to emerge from the shadows? This video celebrates the evolution of the process landscape. First shown at OPEX Week: Business Transformation World 2017 www.opexweek.com
Julie Harbert, Senior Vice President of GSB Transformation, Philips speaks to Andrea Charles from the PEX Network about engaging staff, gaining their support for transformation and the future of business leadership. 
Anthony Nokia
"The CFO is seen now as the problem solver of the organization" - Antony Belletti, Regional Chief Finance Officer, Nokia, speaks to the PEX Network about the main drivers propelling finance into the future and current trends in digital transformation. Belletti also shares his insights on the the evolving role of the CFO.
"The train that is passing by and you either jump on the train or get left behind." - Robert Verbich, Chief Financial Officer, Region Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland & Head of Global Shared Services for EMEA OSRAM, speaks to Andrea Charles from the PEX Network about the emerging trends are changing finance and the importance of... View now
In this exclusive interview Mia Leondakis, Vice President, Business Transformation & Automation, VMWare, speaks to Andrea Charles from the PEX Network about how VMWare are creating business value through an strategic end to end approach and the role business architecture has played in their business transformation journey. Leondakis also... View now
"You cannot design a race car by squeezing inefficiencies out of a horse." As part of the On the Road with PEX Network series, José Pires, Vice President and Director of Business Excellence, Black & Veatch speaks to Andrea Charles, Senior Editor at the PEX Network about how you move from process excellence to process innovation.
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321 video results
of 32