An introduction to citizen developers and their low-code super powers

Discover how citizen developers can save organizations time and money when empowered by a low-code BPM platform

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Citizen developers bring a new era of low-code application development that can be translated into a ‘value for money’ opportunity for many organizations.

Indeed, citizen developers can be the hidden treasure that enhances operational efficiency and facilitates operational excellence. With their business knowledge and expertise, as well as with the assistance of the proper business process management (BPM) low-code tools, they can develop solutions and applications to run daily business processes. 

In this way, citizen developers save organizations time and money, while they leave space for the IT department to focus on projects that need higher expertise.

Continue reading this article here to learn how:

  • Citizen developers have actively joined the application creation game.
  • These new players add value to businesses by helping to save time and money.
  • A low-code BPM platform can supply citizen developers with super powers.
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