Discover FlowForma’s app for Microsoft Teams

The FlowForma Teams app can help organizations enhance process management, inform decision-making and improve collaboration between stakeholders

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During a webinar earlier this month, Paul Stone, product strategist and David Shanley, pre-sales consultant, both at FlowForma, showcased how organizations are using video calls and instant messaging activities to accommodate task and process management, informed decision-making and collaborative process execution.

This webinar covered how users can link their processes already present in their FlowForma environment via Microsoft Teams. Watch the recording to also view a demo on how the FlowForma Teams app works and hear real-life examples of the app in action.

Watch this webinar on-demand to find out how to:

  • Access a task and process via a Microsoft Teams dashboard.
  • Foster collaboration during online meetings by using FlowForma processes.
  • Link processes with Microsoft Teams activities to measure outputs and productivity against business goals.
  • Create interaction between FlowForma processes and Microsoft Teams environment.

Watch the webinar on-demand here

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