A construction firm’s journey to replacing its paper-based processes

Maverick Corporation is replacing paper and empowering its disparate workforce in a bid to become digitally agile

Maverick Corporation, an engineering and construction firm with operations in Europe and the US, has selected FlowForma Process Automation tool for Microsoft Office 365 to digitize businesses processes. The business is replacing paper internally to empower its disparate employees and enable them to complete forms anywhere, anytime whilst working on-site.

FlowForma Process Automation ticks all the boxes for Maverick Corporation due to the tool’s ease of use, no code interface and its ability to generate forms and documents for the workforce. Once the first process is fully automated, the organization will look to automate more that have been earmarked for improvement.

Michael McNally, CEO of Maverick Corporation, said: “We are excited about FlowForma Process Automation and automating our processes both internally and externally. By streamlining our processes and adding value to how our customers interface with Maverick, FlowForma Process Automation has been a game-changing solution that will separate us from our competition and increase our profitability.”

Shay O’Connor, Senior Vice-President at FlowForma, noted: “We are pleased to assist Maverick Corporation and their employees by empowering them to complete important processes remotely while on-site using FlowForma's mobile app. As a result, the business will benefit company-wide from an increase in productivity, visibility and governance, ultimately ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.”

FlowForma has emerged as a leading process automation provider in the construction industry to help move processes online such as permit to dig, materials requisition, field production report and site visit requests to save significant time and costs to complete projects on schedule and on budget.

This article was originally published as Maverick Corporation Building Digital Processes Online Using FlowForma Process Automation.

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