Business Transformation
Contributor: Gregory North
Posted: 05/25/2017
Gregory North
The process excellence community may view digital transformation as a threat – shifting the improvement focus onto technology – but it represents a tremendous opportunity Full Article »
Contributor: PEX Network Events
Posted: 05/24/2017
PEX Network Events
Transforming Financial Services. Together.The only event for operational excellence, architecture and technology innovation.The winners in today’s market are organizations who are leveraging their OPEX program to become more agile, capture value through the deployment of new and emerging technologies while simultaneously embedding a continuous inno Full Video »
Posted: 02/27/2014
Advances in computing technology are driving rapid changes in every industry from retail to manufacturing, banking and beyond. But now, even the hardware that used to keep the lights on is being transformed into software – running instead in virtual environments – and IT has no longer become the barrier to process automation that it once was Full Podcast »
Contributor: Dan Morris
Posted: 05/15/2017
Dan Morris
Companies need to refocus and significantly reduce their cost reduction frenzy. Was it needed? Yes. Is it still needed? It will always be a concern, but it should not be a major focus for some time into the future. Why? The world has changed and there are dire predictions for large companies. Full Column »
Posted: 05/23/2017
Process Improvement Playbook
The Process Improvement Playbook will set you up for success when preparing, documenting, implementing, and measuring the success of your business processes Full Whitepaper »