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How to innovate, automate and transform businesses to join the future of process excellence

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To succeed in the digital world, ensuring success in initiatives and unlocking business excellence is critical. This year, Signavio World 2020 will offer attendees from across industries strategies in operational excellence deployment, transformation, process mining and cloud storage, customer experience and business excellence. Presentations will tie together all critical elements of business across C-suite, peer and expert priorities.

The event will feature workshops, strategy breakout sessions and insights from Deloitte, PwC, NTT, Blue Prism, BPM-D, Fortress IQ and a keynote from astronaut Tim Peake from the European Space Agency. Due to current global restrictions, the event will feature a virtual lobby, auditorium, exhibition room with booths, cocktail hours and networking opportunities.

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  • How to supercharge your organization’s operational excellence by simplifying the execution of complex processes.
  • Why putting the customer at the heart of your business is key to lasting success.
  • Ways to build a more agile, transparent and responsive infrastructure within an organization.
  • Effective ways to implement RPA initiatives to standardize repetitive work.
  • How to find the hidden data in organizational systems to identify potential areas for improvement.

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