The New PEX Landscape in on your Doorstep!

Dear PEX Network colleagues,
The new strategic PEX landscape is on your doorstep. Are you ready to step over the threshold and drive enterprise wide transformation? If so, PEX Week is the only global operational excellence summit to be at in 2016.
The theme for PEX Week 2016 is strategy: how to align strategy to drive operational excellence, the importance of strategy in achieving sustainable change management and the role of strategy in propelling enterprise wide business transformation.
The role of the organization’s strategy is no longer reserved solely for the C-Suite. Strategy is being elevated and connected to operations throughout organizations as a means to bring about enterprise wide process improvement. Everyone involved in operations is being recognized as a significant piece in the puzzle in devising, implementing and carrying out the organization’s strategy to achieve engagement, buy-in and most importantly, results.
Forward thinking professionals will attend PEX Week 2016 to discover the future of strategy and how to leverage it today to sustain and accelerate their organization’s operations tomorrow. Will you join them?
PEX Week, a symbol of quality for 17 years and a global leader within the industry with over 110,000 PEX Network members, showcases the most forward thinking programs in strategic business transformation, leadership, enterprise- wide collaboration, customer centric processes, business architecture, BPM and more. Before you review the agenda, ask yourself whether you are struggling with the same challenges as our attendees:
  • Lacking executive endorsement? Taylor Farms will reveal how to implement changes in leadership thinking to effectively embrace and support organizational transformation
  • Unsure of how to make OPEX a continuous journey and not just a ‘project’? Learn from Jabil and Kuhn as to how they have built a continuous improvement culture
  • Dealing with change resistance? Hear how New York Life Insurance Company are removing barriers to change to gain buy-in and promote connectivity
This is your chance to revitalize, strengthen and accelerate your operational excellence strategies where and when they are needed.
Want to find out more? Download the agenda to see the full range of radical new insights into today and tomorrow’s most innovative process (or operational) excellence strategies – the answers are literally at your finger tips.
We look forward to welcoming you to PEX Week 2016!
Amy Glover
PEX Week 2016 Director