RPA & Artificial Intelligence
Posted: 05/22/2017
Pegasystems webinar
Robotic Process Automation - It’s the hottest space in technology. You already know it has helped companies save valuable employee time and reduce costs by automating repeatable tasks. But have you found yourself wondering if robotic automation is a fit for your company or your industry? Full Video »
Contributor: Oliver Slot
Posted: 05/22/2017
Oliver Slot
There had been a lot in the press over the last 12 months around robotic process automation (RPA) and its uses within the process and operational excellence functions, and most of this press seems to be trying to put fear into everyone’s minds that we are all going to be out of a job soon. Many of us (me included) could have been asked what RPA Full Column »
Posted: 03/01/2017
Ahead of RPA & Artificial Intelligence Summit in Stockholm this May, we spoke to two industry experts about the automation initiatives they're currently implementing. Read on to discover the major trends at Nordea and Lufthansa Global Business Services. Full Whitepaper »