Europe leads world in use of process mining despite unprecedented growth

Europe’s head start in the technology will keep it ahead of competition from other regions which struggle with budgets and lack of expert knowledge

Ian Hawkins

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Businesses in Europe will continue to benefit from being the birthplace of process mining, according to the PEX Network: state of process mining survey 2020. Although APAC and North America are predicted to show strong growth in process mining uptake, Europe is currently already well ahead, and despite the region’s more modest expansion, next year will see European businesses retain their lead over the rest of the world.


Europe’s intellectual legacy responsible for dominance

In North America, 50 per cent of respondents said that the biggest barrier to deploying process mining is ‘a lack of knowledge and/or expertise’, with one respondent from the US stating: “It is too early to start with inadequate expertise currently inside our company.” Another respondent, citing a lack of understanding on the subject, told us: “Right now, process mining seems to be a distant dream.”

The situation is very different in APAC, with respondents claiming their two biggest barriers are ‘budget’ (43 per cent) and ‘lack of management buy-in’ (29 per cent).

Europe’s access to process mining as an academic discipline since the 1990s is surely the reason for Europe deploying more process mining than any other region. Wil van der Aalst, known as “the Godfather of Process Mining” for his role in developing and popularizing the technology told PEX Network that global interest in process mining is booming.

Professor Aalst says: “Thanks to successful applications, process mining is becoming more visible in the US and Asia Pacific. For example, a few months ago I spoke at the first Japanese process mining conference, which had around 500 participants demonstrating the potential in this region. Japan has a rich tradition in process quality and this mindset fits well with techniques that can be used to identify and address performance and compliance problems.”

European businesses should take advantage where possible of their lead in process mining as although the region is set to retain its domination of the technology, this lead will narrow over the coming months as the rest of the world catches up.


Increase your knowledge to take advantage of process mining

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