[Podcast] Securing Executive Sponsorship: Step One in Achieving Sustained, Large-Scale Transformation

Carla Gregory

Ahead of the Operational Excellence in Insurance Summit in Hartford, Connecticut, USA, we’ve brought the Chair and two of the key speakers of the upcoming event together to discuss the theme - Securing Executive Sponsorship: Step one in achieving sustained, large-scale transformation.
Podcast Participants
Carla Gregory, Senior Principal, NEOS
Douglas Cowieson, SVP Administration Transformation, EmblemHealth Jeff Brown, Senior Vice President, Regional Operations, XL Catlin
  • How to secure (and maintain) executive sponsorship or "buy-in"
  • Understanding your sponsor
  • Ensure alignment between business strategy and business transformation initiatives: Why its sometimes not at easy as it seems?
  • Avoiding process for process sake
  • Understanding processes in the context of strategic and financial imperatives
  • Understanding the root causes behind process inefficiency, including issues of strategy and operating models