Podcast: Florida Hospital Innovation Lab’s Karen Tilstra on the process to innovation

In conversation with PEX Network, Florida Hospital Innovation Lab co-founder Karen Tilstra argues that the process to innovation should form part of a business’s multifaceted journey of learning and discovery

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Florida Hospital Innovation Lab co-founder Karen Tilstra believes the process to innovation is often overlooked by businesses.

During her conversation with host Seth Adler, Tilstra (pictured above) describes the process to innovation as a “multifaceted journey of learning, of discovery and of openness”, noting that innovation is not an instantaneous process and something which cannot occur in a silo.

Using the downward spiral of Sears as a prime example, Tilstra explains why she believes that brands who think they know what is best for their customers, rather than interacting with them, will find themselves at the beginning of the end. She also looks at whether the value of the typical enterprise growth mentality of “grow or die” is a myth or a reality.