[Video] Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Linking Strategy to Operations

In the current oil and gas climate, operational excellence and linking strategy to operations is key to success. In this panel discussion, from OpEx Oil & Gas 2015 in London, Vice Presidents from GE Oil & Gas, CGG and ENI came together to discuss the key topic areas in an engaging and interactive panel discussion.


  • Patrick Schiele, VP Global Operations, Subsea Services, GE Oil & Gas
  • Kamil Beffa, Executive Vice President, Global Operational Excellence, CGG
  • Joost van Helden, Vice President, Continuous Improvement, ENI

Key Topics covered:

  • Understanding the root causes behind process inefficiency, including issues of strategy and operating models
  • Determining and addressing the biggest constraints on operations optimization
  • What impact is the market retraction having on operational excellence programs?
  • Understanding the role of leadership in operational excellence: Identifying the key management hurdles and beliefs that can prevent improvement
  • How much do leaders have to know about OE to be effective at leading improvements in their businesses

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