Effektif Launch Open Source BPM software

After two successful years in which the cloud-based workflow engine, Effektif, experienced strong adoption by business users for the collaboration on workflows, the company takes the next step and announces the start of its own Open Source project.

Easily Embeddable

By giving developers access to the open source framework, Effektif allows developers to extend the cloud platform to include connectivity to any enterprise system, be it in the cloud or on- premise. So the Effektif engine can easily be embedded into any application. It is available as a Java library or a REST server. Complemented by Effektif’s developer cloud account, created workflows can be exported and run in the open source process engine. "We are excited about Effektif for our BPM division. We deliver full scale BPM with Effektif. This new open source project makes it easier for us to customize and deliver bespoke BPM solutions to our clients." Laurent Delvaux, Zenika (Paris, France).

Salesforce Integration

The start of the open source project is another huge success for the young company. Only a few weeks ago, Effektif announced the integration with Salesforce, one of the leading CRM platforms in the cloud. Salesforce users can now configure their own workflows within minutes. "After the integration with Salesforce, the start of the open source project is another big milestone for us. We are happy that we can offer developers an environment in which they can extend the integration with other systems themselves." says Tom Baeyens, CEO Effektif GmbH. The cloud solution is a perfect match for business and technical users: Serving both, business users with a user-friendly interface and technical users with their own open source project, Effektif is strengthening its position in the BPM market.

Source: Effektif News