Podcast: How SVB Financial implements a target operating model for M&As

Reka Mishra, managing director of transformation for SVB Financial, speaks with PEX Network about how it applies a target operating model for mergers and acquisitions and the four key elements the model must include

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PEX Network caught up with Reka Mishra, managing director of the transformation office for SVB Financial Group. In an interview with Seth Adler, Mishra lays out the basics of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) before diving into the topic of operational excellence.

According to Mishra, it is imperative to have a target operating model in place when attempting M&A. That model must consist of four key elements: people, process, technology and data.

Change management, communication and HR must also be involved from the onset in order to best address the concerns of the employees. Mishra explains that when M&A happens for the sake of digital transformation, it is especially critical that the enterprise is sensitive to the human element and offers the insight of SVB Financial on how to strike the right balance in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.