2020 will see an increase in process mining adoption, PEX Network research reveals

Process mining is gathering steam, with adoption of the process optimization tool set to substantially increase in 2020

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Adam Muspratt

In the PEX Report 2020, PEX Network spoke to Wil van Der Aalst, who has been called ‘the father of process mining’, a technology that he pioneered over 20 years ago, but which has only until recently broken into the mainstream.

Wil van der Aalst told us: “Process mining entails data science, big data and the continuous desire to improve processes. However, you also have to realize that the algorithms in the background have improved over the last 20 years.”

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To get a better grasp of how OPEX practitioners are reacting to process mining, we asked our community members for their insights in the lead up to the Process Mining Live 2019 online event. When we asked for their current status regarding process mining, 37.5 per cent said they were using the technology. However, when we asked our respondents if they are going to be using process mining in the next 6-18 months, 61 per cent said they would be.

We also asked our respondents for the benefits of process mining (multiple choice), and 'operational efficiency' emerged as a clear winner. 

Top benefits of process mining according to our respondents 

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On this note, Professor van der Aalst says: “Process mining is so obvious in so many domains that it is surprising that not more people know of it.”

Process mining appears to be taking off, but more adoption will be affected by the abiliy to link ROI to the technology, and overcoming the complexity of linking process mining to internal processes. 

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The PEX Report 2020 is your guide to shaping the culture of your organization in the year ahead. Read the full report for more insights including how transformation is a product of culture, why topline growth is increasingly a measure of success for OPEX projects and why OPEX is seen as mission critical for attracting and retaining customers.  

The flagship report also features commentary from world-class though leaders, such as four-star General Ann Dunwoody and PEX Community Contributor of the Year Award winner and Head of Process Excellence at BNY Mellon, Brenton Harder.

You will also hear more from Professor van der Aalst, as he discusses the future of process minging and how organizations can captialize from it.   

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