[Video] Process Analysis to Enable Decisions and Advanced Analytics

Understanding and making informed strategic and operational decisions is directly connected to successful financial and operational outcomes. Monsanto takes its product pipeline very seriously, explains Tamarah Usher, its Business Process & Analytics Lead: "For us it is the difference between ensuring the world’s health or hunger caused by increased populations and limited land and water resources."
In this PEX Week presentation, Tamarah details how with an intelligent R&D pipeline built on the transparent linkage of decisions to outcomes, Monsanto has become more agile to changing business needs because it understands the impact of each decision before it is made.
For Monsanto, business intelligence ensures products that meet the needs of an ever-changing environment are in the hands of farmers around the world when they need them. Through process analysis, decision modeling and predictive analytics they are seeing great success in ensuring safer, higher quality products get to market faster. This is giving us insight on how to improve the processes and how we use big data and advanced analytics in the decision process.

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