[Video] Benchmarking OpEx Best Practice in Manufacturing

This PEX Week session by Rick Hepp, Executive Director, Operational Excellence, Global Manufacturing & Supply, at Bristol-Myers Squibb, looks at how to reach an industry benchmark in manufacturing through operational excellence: the skills, process and culture you need in place.
This session addresses:
  • Challenging the business to think and act in an operational excellence way
  • Embedding operational excellence across the whole organization
  • Positioning a vision and a sustainable OpEx culture model
  • Engaging Leadership in an OpEx culture Shift
  • Laying a Foundational OpEx skill sets and capabilities
  • Shifting the culture to a process-driven mindset
  • Sustainability through change management, team empowerment, and value added activity through value steam mapping
  • Next Steps – building on foundational OpEx capabilities to a stable operations data and process-driven culture

To watch the full video, you can purchase it here