10 Case Studies All Under One Roof

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Barry McIntyre

24th August 2015. Join us in San Francisco, California, on the 28th to 30th of September for the Business Performance Excellence Summit where you can hear insight from our key speakers from MGM Resorts, IBM and Hewlett-Packard.

The Business Performance Excellence Summit is where operational excellence and business transformation executives meet to create a clear path to enterprise operational excellence. The summit will includes case studies, roundtable discussions and closed-door strategy sessions that will go inside Fortune 100 companies that have successfully executed on strategy and delivered substantial improvements in performance and profitability.


The Business Performance Excellence Summit 2015 is unlike any other transformation event we’ve ever run before. Invite only - at Executive level. It will give you the opportunity to spend two days with more than 100 SVPs and MDs from leading organizations such as MGM Resorts, IBM and Hewlett-Packard Walgreens, Anthem and Ingersoll Rand to learn how to successfully execute large-scale change initiatives and deliver substantial improvements in business performance.

This year's summit features 10 case studies and new tracks on Leadership and Culture, Enterprise Business Transformation, OpEx in Manufacturing and The Customer Experience.

PEX Network members can claim their 10% discount through a unique promo code. To join the Pex Network community follow this link. I will send you an email once you join the community, please reply to this notifying me (Barry McIntyre) that you wish to attend. If you are already a member get in touch with me by emailing info @ pexnetwork.com