5 Can’t Miss Business Process Management (BPM) Webinars on PEX Network

Want to make sure that your Business Process Management (BPM) program is on track? PEX Network has run a number of (free) webinars over the past year that can help give you the skills you need to ensure that your BPM program is successful in the year ahead. They’re all available on demand so you can get started right away.

Webinar #1: Making your Business Process Management (BPM) Initiative Deliver Strategic Value

In this webinar Jim Boots, author of "BPM Boots on the Ground: How to Implement Strategic Business Process Management" shares his in-depth experience gained from his years at Chevron on what it takes to transform BPM into a sustainable source of value. He also gives you three actions you can take that may just persuade your COO to invest in long-term BPM objectives.

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See things differently with these 5 can't miss Business Process Management (BPM) webinars

Webinar #2: How to Use Goal-based Modelling to Link Top Level Strategy with Processes

This webinar also looks at making your BPM program more strategic but offers up a practical modelling approach to help you make sure that your processes are helping support your business strategy. This goal-based modelling approach helps you that helps you link top level strategy with processes at any level of the business. Find out how here.

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Webinar #3: Four Game Changers Redefining Business Process Management (BPM)

Then it’s onto the big picture in this webinar as Connie Moore from Forrester Research shares the four key trends that are changing the way business is done and what that means for Business Process Management. Hear practical case studies on how companies like Starbucks and Carphone Warehouse are putting new technologies – including social, mobile, cloud, and software as a service - to use to improve operational efficiency and support the customer experience.

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Webinar #4: Harnessing the Power of Technology Innovation for Business Process Management (BPM)

New technologies are making their presence felt in every aspect of our lives: cloud based computing clusters on Amazon now account for 1% of all internet traffic, Apple’s iPad drives 95% of all internet tablet traffic, mobile phones sales are outpacing population growth and everyday a million hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook and 294 billion emails are sent. Customers may be moving on but how many businesses are factoring these changing habits into their business operations? In this webinar, K2’s Dennis Parker takes us through the art of the possible on how these technologies can support real world processes.

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Webinar #5: Legacy and ERP Modernization through Business Process Management (BPM)

Modernization of legacy systems and ERP deployments is a daunting challenge facing most organizations today. The business case for modernization is strong: legacy systems slow businesses down and consume an unnecessarily large amount of money and time. IT departments focus most of their resources on maintaining legacy code and dealing with hard to change ERP or packaged/point solutions.But, all too often, often modernization efforts take too long, run over budget, and fail to achieve the intended results. So how can businesses embarking on legacy modernization mitigate these risks?

In this webinar, Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, Vice President of BPM Technology at Pegasystems, shares over 25 years experience to explain how you can use Business Process Management (BPM) to modernize, extend, innovate, differentiate, and empower existing assets in legacy code or point solutions.

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