Four Game Changers Redefining Business Process Management

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Business Process Management


The key trends that are changing the way business is done

Social media, cloud computing, mobility, software as a service – unless you’ve been living with your head in the sand you’ve probably heard it said that these trends are fundamentally changing the way businesses is done. But what exactly do they mean for process improvement?

Consider this: if Toyota had been paying attention to social media when customers were having trouble with sudden acceleration, the company would have identified the problem much earlier and could have taken corrective action. Perhaps incorporating social media into a continuous improvement framework would have saved Toyota’s CEO from being hauled in front of American lawmakers?

In this webinar, Connie Moore, VP of Research at Forrester research shares insights into how some of these key technology trends are rewriting the rulebook for process management and improvement.

Join this webinar to:

  • Understand the key “game changers” for business process management –  including social, mobile, cloud, and software as a service - and how they are fundamentally changing the way that companies are able to support and interact with their customers
  • Look how process needs to be the foundation that underpins everything businesses are trying to achieve with technology
  • Explore what “systems of engagement” are and why they hold the key to the future business -led technology innovation
  • Hear practical case studies on how companies like Starbucks and Carphone Warehouse are putting these technologies to use to improve operational efficiency and support the customer experience



Connie Moore
Vice President, Research Director