Processes and pandemic: The low-code/no-code revolution

How low-code development can ensure organizations remain agile during the Covid-19 pandemic

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Adam Jeffs

According to Nigel Warren, managing director at On Tap Marketing Ltd., low-code platforms help accelerate and simplify the development of applications, even for employees who may not have the necessary advanced skills, through features such as drag-and-drop. While low-code applications are not a new concept in the world of process excellence, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic is resulting in a resurgence of industry uptake for the methodology. The low-code development market is expected to grow from $5.6bn in 2018 to $52.3bn by 2024.

A low-code approach allows organizations to complete app development up to 20 times faster than through traditional methods. It enables them to remain agile, react quickly to business opportunities and provide solutions to unpredicted industry disruptors such as the current global pandemic.

As they have to ease the transition to remote working and respect social distancing policies to ensure the safety of their employees, many businesses are looking into low-code platforms to implement apps as quickly as possible and ensure business continuity to remain competitive.

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The benefits of low-code development during the pandemic will differ from industry to industry. For example, healthcare institutions have begun developing ‘telehealth’ platforms to provide people with critical information without the need for a lengthy app development or implementation procedure; cloud software provider Pegasystems released an app in March to assist in tracking the spread of Covid-19 among employees, providing automatic guidance and help in preventing further exposure in the business.

Organizations will be considering a myriad of solutions to the issues that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought. Simply being aware of the power of low-code to expedite app development may put a number of solutions, on the table. Those who take the step toward accelerating app development may find themselves in a strong position to react to uncertain markets and gain a competitive edge over those who do not.