Podcast: Ken Goldman, former CFO, Yahoo

Ken Goldman joins host Seth Adler in a far-reaching discussion that touches on business, life, geopolitics and more. Ken discusses his time as CFO for Yahoo during the Marissa Mayer years. Hear his thoughts on why things were they way the were and turned out the way they did. When the team had to fix everything from product to Board composition, the first thing they looked at was culture.

In the grand scheme of things, Ken and Seth discuss AI, the development of technology and the future of work. Ken discusses a pillar of each enterprise being good citizenship to a community and the evolution of balance sheets for global corporations over the past 40 years. 

"What separates the winners is the competitive will to win, which is more important, frankly, than pure smarts or just working hard. Because a lot of people work hard, a lot of people have smarts — but to have that competitive zeal and to get things done,..I'll tell you, the old saying is if you want something done, give it to someone who's too busy."