When's the right time for transformation?

Why do some businesses think they don't have to get involved in RPA? It's not just the small businesses, either - Pfizer's RPA programme is relatively young. Anil Bhavanani says that the company had a lot of other things going on: trying to integrate their work onto a single ERP, standardizing work across global operations and consolidation presented a backdrop against which Digital Transformation seemed a step too far. In this podcast he talks to Seth Adler about the journey through the transformation. 

Anil is Director BPO Operations and Digital Transformation at Pfizer. In this role he is responsible for overseeing the Finance & Accounting operations outsourced to Vendor Partner 'Genpact' and ensuring a successful transition as is required for effective and efficient processing of Pfizer’s financial transactions around the world. 

'Sometimes people think about automation as a reducing capacity of people so it's a little bit more negative. That's usually what they start their business case with. But hey, it was like, we don't care about cost, we don't care about this, we just want to make sure we do things right for our end users.'