Best of 2018: RPA & AI

Ian Hawkins

RPA and AI

RPA and AI are the exciting, flashy parts of PEX. But while some parts of the media are busy predicting the future (usually illustrated with Terminator or otherwise dystopian-themed imagery), PEX is where people are making the possible into business reality. 

If you're new to the subject, our Guide to RPA is a great place to start.

At the risk of invoking the apocalypse, technology has made the headlines this year - for the wrong reasons. Data security goes hand in hand with AI, and when Carphone Warehouse got into hot water this year, PEX Network had an opinion. 

In the summer, I attended the IAFS (Intelligent Automation in Financial Services) conference in London, UK. Here's my write up of the event - if you haven't attended one of our conferences, this should whet your appetite. 

AI is one of those technologies that transfoms everyting around it. Take fintech for example. In How AI is driving fintech collaboration, Martin Häring talks about how the entire industry has undergone changes of seizmic proportions. 

Although financial services are driving a lot of the action in RPA, they're not the only players in town. There may be many more uses of RPA out there, and as the technology gets cheaper, more and more businesses are likely to take advantage... 

But how do you implement RPA? In this whitepaper, Celonis say that taking the right approach means more than just throwing your money at an RPA provider; it is an approach, not a bolt-on. My colleague Adam wrote about four reasons companies are not adopting AI - finding that there is a solution to every problem.  

And if all this talk of AI and RPA is getting a bit repetitive, don't panic - there's something new on the horizon... 


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