Process techniques for daily management

For many years, process improvement has been the domain of specialist teams with deep domain knowledge and years of training. The jargon can be impenetrable and seems incredibly complex to outsiders. Does process excellence seem more complex than it should?

Not intentionally, says Vince Pierce, Senior Vice President of Global Business Transformation, at retailer Office Depot. In this video interview, Pierce describes why process excellence should be part of daily operations and talks about tips on how to make process improvement tools more accessible so that everyone can make use of them.

Questions addressed in this podcast:
  • Do you think we've tended to make process improvement more complex than it should be?
  • But you think that process improvement techniques can not just be learned by everybody but can and should be used in daily management. What do you envisage by that?
  • How can you make process improvement techniques more accessible?
  • Can you give me an example of something you've done to embed these principles or techniques in daily practice?