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[OpEx in Oil & Gas] BP Upstream Insight: How to Get your OpEx Programs Signed Off

Posted: 10/15/2015
With the current low oil and gas prices squeezing profit margins, the importance of the Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas portfolio is more important now more than ever. In this video presentation, Barry Hodgson, Director, OMS and Continuous Improvement at BP Upstream presents the most common failures of an Operations Management System (OMS) and how to overcome them:
> Taking a systematic approach to improvement
> Mitigating implementation risks
> Ensuring compliance
> Building the most compelling case for deeper OMS commitment
> Getting leadership to focus on and support your OMS
> Removing barriers to change: Creating a sustainable operational excellence culture
> Developing a strategy to gain buy-in from your workforce
> Overcoming the change management hurdle: Cultural considerations

To watch the full video, you can purchase it here