Operational excellence strategies for pharmaceuticals: Interview with IDC's Dr. Alan Louie

It’s been a challenging few years for the pharmaceutical industry. The industry faces the expiration of blockbuster patents and increasing competition from generics manufacturers in low cost countries. So what are the biggest challenges the industry faces and how are leading pharmaceutical companies using strategies like operational excellence to overcome them?

In this Process Perspectives podcast, Dr. Alan Louie, Research Director at IDC Health Insights, describes the big challenges facing pharmaceutical companies and the new focus on importing best practice strategies from other industries. He also discusses the types of strategies that companies are using to tackle today's challenge of expanding in new markets while at the same time reducing costs.

Dr. Alan Louie will be delivering a webinar on July 17th, 2013 that explores the ideas presented in this webinar in more detail. To find out more or sign up, please visit the webinar registration page: Best Practice Trends for Operational Excellence in Pharmaceuticals. Can't make the date? Don't worry! The webinar will be recorded and available on demand. To receive a copy of the recording simply sign up via this registration link.