Podcast: Jack Cheng, co-founder of NIO discusses how can we bridge the generational gap?

We spoke to automotive veteran, Jack Cheng to hear about how NIO is delivering a unique customer experience in the automotive sector

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Seth Adler

[Editors note: This podcast was recorded in May 2019. NIO co-founder, Jack Cheng stepped down from his role as executive vice president in August 2019.]

Jack Cheng has a storied background in the automotive space, including 19 years at Ford and 1 year at Fiat.

Cheng covered a lot of ground in this interview. He described NIO, the company he co-founded, as “an EV provider, a mobility company, but [ultimately a] user enterprise engaged with the use of directory.” From swappable batteries to vehicle “living rooms,” Cheng takes a visionary approach to everything he does.

His views on globalism are just as unique. He discussed with us the dangers of indoctrination and group think. He gave us his optimistic insight on the tension between China and the U.S. He even shared some ideas on how we can bridge the generation gap at a fundamental level.

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