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CRM = Customer Rejection Management
Published: 2016-09-01
Every major organization has some form of customer call center. You may have renamed yours “contact center.” They are manned by staff that are trained, tooled-up with technology and incentivized to support customers. The center is critical because it drives long term sales and protects repeat revenue. It may even be considered a “profit center.”
We need to consider the needs and expectations of fast growth companies and their millennial, connected employees. This column includes principles for “Operational Excellence 2.0”.
It is hard to think of a larger change management “project” than Brexit when you look at the number of people impacted, the degree or change and the worldwide visibility. Here are five important lessons for anyone involved in leading a change project.
The more you look at what is happening in industry after industry and company after company, our columnist believes that only now are we are seeing the true “Digital Revolution”.  And the cataclysmic change will match that of the industrial revolution – with both good and bad results.
Which businesses are being impacted by the rise of cloud, social, mobile and big data? "That's easy," writes Ian Gotts, "ALL OF THEM".  This is the first of his new column series on driving operational excellence in digital age. He...