Why enterprise architecture is a critical enabler for operational excellence

PEX Network catches up with Sofiène Kamoun, general director of strategic initiatives at Videotron, to get his insights on the delivery of enterprise architecture initiatives

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Adam Jeffs

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In conversation with PEX Network, Sofiène Kamoun, general director of strategic initiatives at communications company Videotron, shares his thoughts and advice on enterprise architecture and excellence, offering predictions for the development of the field in the near future.

Ahead of his session at PEX Live: Enterprise Architecture, Kamoun details the critical issues he will be breaking down and offers readers a rundown of what to expect.

PEX Network: How would you define enterprise excellence and how can it help organizations reach operational excellence?

Sofiène Kamoun: I see enterprise excellence as the strategic internal clock that ensures holistic enterprise alignment for strategic enablers, facilitating continuous improvement and successful execution of the enterprise value proposition.

To me, operational excellence is a particular measurable facet of enterprise excellence. Of course, the holistic structural optimization that enterprise excellence aims for becomes a major enabler for operational excellence.

It is critical to keep in mind that true enterprise excellence, through all its facets, including operational excellence, cannot be efficiently and effectively materialized without a holistic design and realization of the source of influences. This is achieved through providing the necessary enabling conditions for motivation and ability, from the personal, collective and structural standpoints.

In my opinion, enterprise architecture plays a fundamental role in this context, as it is the steward for the right design of the holistic enterprise structural enablers.

PEX Network: Videotron has been undergoing a business transformation and IT modernization program these past few years. What has been the role of enterprise architects in enabling the change?

SK: Enterprise architects have had an instrumental role in delivering business transformation and the supporting IT transformation. They are focused on bringing clarity to what the essential strategic enablers are for this transformation and on the efficient materialization of those enablers.

These enablers started at the business level through the crystallization of business capabilities and their usage as the foundational reference for all stakeholders, including strategic partners in the ecosystem. The business capabilities map is the compass for value proposition refinement, end-to-end alignment, strategic planning of the evolution of business capabilities and the specification of the reengineering of enterprise technological architecture.

PEX Network: What big developments do you expect to see in the enterprise architecture space in the next few years?

SK: I see a transformation of the scope of enterprise architecture and an enforced, increasingly holistic strategic role within the enterprise. This transformation is dictated by the evolving nature of its mission, along with the transformation and evolution of the dynamics of the ecosystem.

Enterprise architecture will become increasingly focused on the architecture of strategic business capabilities and the associated ecosystem. I see the enterprise architect as a strategic catalyst whose priority is to bring a holistic clarity to the essential and strategic structural enablers for enterprise excellence and success.

PEX Network: What can attendees expect from your presentation at PEX Live: Enterprise Architecture?

SK: My goal for this presentation is to bring clarity to what I consider to be the strategic essentials for the enterprise, particularly in terms of nature, scope and the role of enterprise architecture.

I will also discuss the strategic role enterprise architecture plays in the design and execution of enterprise excellence. The presentation will offer real-world examples through illustrations of the first-hand experience Videotron and FIZZ have had of enterprise architecture.

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