PEX Week Day 2: A Blended, Disruptive and Innovative Approach to Operational Excellence

Day 2 of PEX Week has come to a close, and while delegates and sponsors alike mingle and celebrate the awards successes from earlier on this evening, we thought this would be the ideal time to provide a summary of the day’s highlights for our community.

The day was introduced once again by engaging and inspiring Jim Sinur, who once again echoed our own sentiment that the key to future operational excellence and commercial growth lies with our relationships with customers.

Pegasystems, the disruptive software provider took this a step further in a presentation given by Louis Blatt, Ph.D. Louis underlined the importance of technology, the weight of the responsibility as it lies with process professionals to ensure digital adoption, and the ongoing exponential increase in speed with which new technology and customer expectations are increasing.

Louis put it very succinctly: "Technology, there’s nothing good or bad inherently about technology, it’s what you do with it. There’s a lot of CEOs out there who are trying to figure out how to be digital [...] in fact surveys say 90% of them are saying we must be a digital organization, and a very small percentage, in the single digits, have an actual plan to do it."

Angel Garcia, Vice President of Operational Excellence at Univision, the largest Hispanic cable and media network in the US talked about a back to basics approach and a "one for all" approach, which has helped the media giant to speed up production times, while avoiding any stifling of the creativity the group are known for.

Additional highlights included "Experiencing Our Customers... Over and Over Again" with David Behling of Goodwill industries in our Customer Experience Track, The Organization as an Ecosystem with Tristan Boutros of Warner Music Group in the Emerging Technology Track and "Blended Learning, The Key to Achieving Process Excellence Throughout your Organization" with Charles Brandon and Joel Ehle of the Department of Defence and The Quality Group respectively.

Check back tomorrow for our final track day highlights, meanwhile, stay tuned for awards reception photos which will be coming later on this evening!

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