PEX retrospective series: Looking back at 2020

PEX Network makes all reports published in 2020 free for all to access to provide insights on the trends and technologies that shaped operational excellence today

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Alice Clochet

EX Network makes all reports published in 2020 free for all EX Network makes all reports published in 2020 free for allEX Network makes all reports published in 2020 free for allEX Network makes all reports published in 2020 available

What a year it was. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic caused sudden disruption for many organizations worldwide, accelerating digital transformation efforts and the implementation of tools and technologies as businesses attempted to survive.

The team at PEX Network wanted to understand what trends were happening before and at the start of the pandemic to grasp how much impact the crisis has had on organizations and their business processes worldwide. With this in mind, we decided to make all of our exclusive reports published last year available for all, starting with the reports mentioned below.pex_network_trends_in_process_excellence_2020

It is fair to say we learned a lot last year. Experts in our State of Process Excellence: 2020 trends and predictions predicted the acceleration of the RPA-as-a-service adoption in 2020, which was rightly dubbed “the year of transformation”.

How BPM is enabling business transformation discussed the role of BPM methodology in helping organizations survive the pandemic through cost-cutting, optimal use of human resources, rapid and effective response to customer demands and increased productivity, unearthing opportunities for process automation.

On the technology side, Intelligent Automation: RPA and AI Report 2020 revealed the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) on customer service in particular and the vital role of data quality when it comes to trusting AI to make decisions.

What is operational excellence?

This PEX Network guide explains what true operational excellence means for organizations and explores which methodologies and technologies they should adopt for successful business outcomes.

Process Mining LIVE 2020: Post-event report outlined four steps for successful process mining implementation: data collection, data analysis to discover insights, process enhancement by taking action on the data and monitoring results.

Implementing intelligent automation enterprise-wide report

For enterprise-wide transformations, our How to connect the workforce to business transformation report shared recommendations on successfully transforming enterprise-wide through the alignment of the business model and the operating model. Implementing intelligent automation enterprise-wide focused on integrating the elements forming intelligent automation – BPM, RPA, AI, machine learning and process mining – and making them part of a wider strategy.

We will release these reports over the next few months and share more detailed insights, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, be sure to check out the latest edition to our Ultimate Guide series: What is Operational Excellence.