Advice Worth Sharing from OpEx and Process Transformation Week


The importance of changing culture and behaviour, the rise of data analytics and the increasing encroachment of digital transformation were high on the agenda at PEX Network’s annual European gathering of the PEXerati in London, OpEx and Process Transformation Week. Two jam packed days of talks, discussions and networking tackled some of the biggest challenges of the industry.

One of our favourite parts of these events are the “nuggets” of wisdom that come out at these events. These are the one liners (or in some cases 2 liners!) that sum up a real depth of experience in knowledge in one easy to understand soundbite.

Here’s a round up of what we consider the top advice from last week: 

“Behaviour, leadership and culture are like the iceberg - don't underestimate them.” – Peter Hines, ‎Chairman, S A Partners

"People will change, but they'll only change for something that has meaning for them."  - William Greenwald, neuroleaderologist

 “Green belts with line roles & true subject matter expertise can deliver projects with as much impact as black belts.” - Paul Ruggier, ‎Global Head of Lean Six Sigma, ‎Generali

“Don't try to do everything perfectly right from the beginning or you'll never get anything done.” - Raffaella Bianchi, Ondrej Dusek and Michal Čermák, McKinsey

“The greatest enemy of success is success because then it’s hard to convince people they should do things differently.” Ilir Morina, Global Director of Operational Excellence, The Coca Cola Company

 “There’s no such thing as business as usual. We're facing biggest disruption ever as huge numbers of jobs disappear to technology.” - Raffaella Bianchi, Ondrej Dusek and Michal Čermák, McKinsey

“Process can be the language that links IT and the business.” - Raffaella Bianchi, Ondrej Dusek and Michal Čermák, McKinsey

“A governance model for creating operational excellence culture change does not work. What you need is an inspiration model.” – panel discussion

“If you're wasting people's time at work, you're wasting their lives.” - William Greenwald, neuroleaderologist

“How can you get everyone in your organization KNOWING what to do to make tomorrow better than today?” – Peter Hines, ‎Chairman, S A Partners

Where you at the event? Did you come away with other advice worth sharing? Let us know by leaving a comment!