Process Excellence Network: New look, new name

Loyal readers may notice something a little different about our website today. After two years of rapid growth as Six Sigma IQ, we’ve changed our name.

So it’s good bye Six Sigma IQ and hello to Process Excellence Network. You can even call us PEXNetwork for short.

So why the name change?

The methods and strategies to achieve "excellence" in business have been quietly evolving. Today, Six Sigma is often only part of the overall business improvement puzzle and many companies are taking a multi-faceted approach to improvement programs to get the biggest bang for their bucks.

Companies often have different terminology, methods and job titles to describe what is effectively the same activity: continually improving the way a company works to offer better quality products and services as efficiently as possible.

The term Process Excellence better reflects this reality and, we hope, better reflects the nature of the work that you, our readers, do everyday.

Proven and structured approaches such as Six Sigma and Lean will obviously continue to play a central role in process improvement but in addition to our traditional focus on these methodologies we will be bringing you expert opinions and articles on more varied topics like Business Process Management (BPM), Change Management, Operational Excellence and Risk Management.

The site is still much as you know and love it, but watch this space for new and improved content, webinars and online events coming your way soon.

Whether you’re a Lean practitioner, a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, a Continuous Improvement manager, or some other related job title – we hope that you find the definitive resource to help you do your job better.

If you're keen on further reading, check out our press release about the rebrand here or read more about us here.