Open Source BPM Hits The Mark For Delivering New Class Of Process Apps

Developers are at the epicenter of a massive shift in the business technology landscape. New disruptive business requirements are coming from all directions and require a level of application sophistication not seen before by development teams.

In the face of this shift, development teams struggle to continue hand-coding custom applications, while also allocating sufficient time to embed sophisticated application logic and contextual awareness for applications that must function across different web and mobile platforms.
This Red Hat commissioned profile of software developers explores the challenges faced by application development teams today, based on Forrester’s own market data and a custom study of the same audience.
In the course of this white paper you will learn about:
  • How disruptive drivers force teams to shift development strategies;
  • The emergence of modern development approaches; and
  • How developers consider open source BPM a compelling advantage to hand-coding.