How Big Data is a Differentiator for Improved Customer Experience

Deriving customer insight from Big Data

How can you really understand what your customers really want? By not paying attention to what they say but what they actually do, says Antoine Bonello, Global Head of Process Improvement at Betfair, the world's biggest online betting exchange. For Betfair, which handles more transactions daily than all the European stock exchanges put together, Big Data is helping the company really live the motto of putting the customer at the center of its operations.

"You have - in ones and zeros - the customer’s behaviour. It is not speculation, it is not what the customer thinks - it is actually what the customer has done so it helps any company understand the customer better and better anticipate what the customer might need, which is very powerful," says Bonello.

In this PEX Network video interview, Bonello discusses the imperative for better understanding of customers, how Big Data is helping the company achieve that, why Big Data is a competitive differentiator and how Six Sigma tools remain powerful instruments for deriving insight from these larger sets of data.