MatsSoft included in Low-Code Platform Choices Report

  • New development platforms emerging for customer-facing applications
  • Enterprises are tuning to low-code to speed delivery
  • Predicted 15% shift of IT budgets towards customer-facing projects

LONDON UK & ATLANTA (GA) 8 OCTOBER 2014: MatsSoft announced today that global research and advisory firm Forrester Research, Inc. has included MatsSoft in their research report titled "Five Customer-Facing Scenarios Shape ‘Low-Code’ Platform Choices" published September 2014.

According to Forrester new development platforms are emerging for customer-facing applications; and "a variety of enterprises are tuning to low-code to speed delivery of their customer-facing applications". In the report Forrester predict a 15% shift of IT budgets towards customer-facing projects by 2018. But worryingly they say; "Most tech management organizations already have more demand for business apps than they can handle; how can businesses expand their app delivery capacity to meet this exploding demand?"

Part of the answer says Forrester is to shift some customer-facing application development to new low-code platforms. "Low-code platforms enable a broad range of developers, including data and process specialists, business-domain experts, "power users," and students who aren’t proficient with hand-coding environments."

Forrester says; "A variety of enterprises are turning to low-code platforms to speed delivery of their customer-facing applications. Some adopt because revenue depends on app delivery. For others, coding talent is scarce and expensive; still others seek a base for development using direct customer feedback rather than theoretical requirements."

Commenting on the report, Martin Scovell, CEO of MatsSoft said "Forrester’s report is likely to be an important source of reference for organisations that are keen to accelerate business improvement with less reliance on constrained IT development resources.

"Test and Learn has huge resonance for MatsSoft’s clients; many of whom now have wide scale deployments across multiple departments. Nationwide Building Society is a good example, and one of several businesses interviewed by Forrester for this report. Nationwide’s initial MATS deployment was just in mortgage application processing. But that has now grown to cover multiple processes in many departments.

"This growth depends on a test and learn approach, made possible by giving business people the ability to configure solutions without resorting to programing. That’s what sets MATS®apart from more technically orientated BPM products that require more IT resources and significantly more training."

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More details of the Nationwide Building Society Case study can be found here:


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