The Business Process Engine: driving process excellence at UC Berkeley

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Ian Hawkins

OPEX Week Live 2019

The business process engine - OPEX Week Live 2019 - Nintex 

Like any other large educational institution, University of California, Berkeley struggled with process management and documentation. Unwieldy process maps written in Visio took a lot of time to produce, lived on hard drives, and weren’t useful to the staff involved in those processes. Maps quickly became outdated and consistency in processes was lost. There was a need to get something useful and accessible for frontline staff and customers.

UC Berkeley combined a cloud-based process mapping and collaboration tool, Nintex Promapp, and an overall process management approach to change this. After a successful rollout they are now expanding to other departments and UC Campuses.


Key takeaways:

  • The importance of structure for around successful process management
  • Lessons learned from BPM rollout
  • Aligning strategy with the choice of tools, to support successful project outcomes


Nick Endsley, Sr. Business Process Analyst at UC Berkeley
Chris DeMarco, Sr. Business Process Analyst at UC Berkeley

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