PEX Podcast: Views from a self-professed geek

"How can I help the business to embed new technology to improve what we currently have…not to change it, but simply improve it." – Marek Sowa, self-professed geek


In this week's podcast episode, we bring you insight from a man who understands technical creativity on a level most of us will envy.

Marek Sowa is a 'techie'. He’s not ops. He’s not financial services. That said, he’s not a traditional programmer. He sees the world in terms of creating ideas and delivering results. He wants to be able to speak the same language as everyone he’s working with through the use of technology and process. So he’s taught himself how to program...

Listen in:

Key Quotes

It's not the future, it's about what's currently available. Our society has this impression of being built by the movies. Some drive cars like Knight Rider or have helpers like Cortana in Halo. My career started because I'm a gamer. But all these products are currently available. We're talking about Microsoft Cortana, Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant...

My fiance tried to open an account in my bank recently. We recognized there was some problem with her application because she had misunderstood one of the instructions. I dug deeper into that. I started discussions around the bank, asking why did that happen? Why is it so difficult for an immigrant to open an account?

I've always thought of myself as a creative guy. Someone who's a techie but a creative techie. Sometimes people are not developers but they are the people who you really wanna listen to because they understand your customers. If you wanna talk about customer service, have a chat first with people who are responsible for that area. For example, one lady at my organisation asked a very smart question recently because she was genuinely interested in the technology. She said, "Oh, you're working on cool stuff - can you show it to me?" She asked that very question. I was like, "Oh, I hadn't even thought about doing that."

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