How to efficiently handle content for insurance processes

Discover how to extract the right data from complex forms and accelerate decision-making with intelligent document processing

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Research has shown that 80 per cent of decisions made by today’s insurers rely on complex content hidden in documents that need to be individually interpreted, understood and applied to their respective cases.

By applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to these processing workflows, organizations can unlock instant access to the vital information buried in documents and forms. Intelligent document processing helps insurers swiftly unlock the richness of content to enhance the speed and quality of business decisions made for customers, policies and claims.

This technical demo from ABBYY reveals how to automate form processing in order to empower your business to make wiser decisions. It will dive into the various methods for processing complex forms as they enter workflows to promptly obtain the needed information and expedite serving customers.

Watch this demo to find out how to:

  • Automate essential forms processing for insurance claims.
  • Drive insights from the complexity of ACORD forms to expedite decisions and follow through.
  • Use modern artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to process forms efficiently and effectively.
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