Business intelligence and business engagement go hand in hand

Daniel Senter

Hands, projected data graphs


Following a recent Business Analytics Summit I attended and connecting with a number of the delegates and businesses at the event I came away feeling inspired, energised and more focused.

We are truly in a world of opportunity!!!

Opportunity to help ourselves, to help our businesses and to help our environments...

We are really fortunate living in such exciting times to have the luxury of data and measurements on almost anything we like, but also the tools and technology to allow us to manipulate and understand it.


How engaged are they really with your business data?

Many of the conversations I had were all focused on opportunities in businesses or clients to help improve efficiency, understand customers and ultimately improve the services offered. A few days on I am already updating my BI strategic road map with the outputs of the day.

One of my new areas of focus is now on engagement out of a talk by English former rugby union player and coach Sir Clive Woodward who gave an insight into his four elements needed for high performing teams:

#1: Talent:

This is the starting point, but can't be relied upon solely.

#2: Teachability:

To become a master you need to continually improve and learn. I.e. Don't become complacent!

#3: Pressure:

The ability to perform well under pressure by preparing for and rehearsing for any eventuality...

#4: Will:

The desire and want to win! This sits within the hearts and minds and underpins everything you do

Not only did he give us an insight into the power of continuous learning and development...

... but he also talked through the emphasis placed upon the power in data driven decision making and engaging those in the process!

It was apparent that one of the biggest areas to see and ensure success is by gaining engagement from the team:

  • Engagement to ensure the team use the tools.
  • Engagement to ensure the team trusts the information.
  • Engagement to ensure the team makes their decisions and scenarios based upon it.

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All of this is true in business. We can have the best tools, the best reports and dashboards. However, without true engagement of the business none of it will be used to help make better decisions.

Therefore we need to ensure good business intelligence and good business engagement go hand in hand.