What is Driving Business Intelligence and Data Analytics lately?

Data quality concerns of companies are pacifying with the rise of big data platforms and cloud-based technology. According to a recent survey report by Forbes, 89% of the business leaders showed noteworthy inclination towards Big Data Analytics and mentioned that Big Data is going to transform the world as the Internet did.
As companies compile vast amounts of data, including customers, clients and employees, the need for data analytics is ubiquitous. The most prolific Big Data use cases include enterprise and business’ needs to obtain well-managed data, process it and deliver the best to customers.
While data compilation and preparation are the most challenging tasks in any business, BI and DA serve as the panacea to all data-related problems. All sectors, including IT, E-Commerce, and Telecoms, are shifting towards making best businesses. Henceforth, analyzing and handling huge amounts of data with intelligent ways to gain maximum business is the urgency.
Today, traditional business and analytics models are being discomposed by amazing Cloud and mobile innovations. Organizations are applying resourceful methods and strategies to streamline data and covert it into information. The focus is on real-time intelligence and analytics for nimbler decision-making and organized data operations.
  • Social Intelligence on the Go: Implementing Social Intelligence is an excellent way to take advantage of the capabilities of Social Media. Most companies, whether physically established or online only, are looking for new and brilliant methodologies to increase user engagement and attract customers through global, social platforms. Analyzing and tracking social media behaviors of consumers is also being adopted by industries for bigger and better results.
  • Versatility in Analytics: What can be better than having all the staff trained in Analytics? A job of analytics is versatile and can be executed by a Project Manager, HR Professional and Operations personnel in the organization. Companies are acknowledging this as a strategic advantage and supporting Analysts with data and tools for advancement in management.
  • Integration is the Solution: Data Analysts have a deeper understanding to integrate data and various processes functioning simultaneously. This mixing of environments, from accessing and storing data to applying analytics to executing business-intelligent applications, is becoming standard and key to gaining a competitive edge over others.
  • Everything on Mobile Now: The emphasis has shifted to mobile phones for almost all tasks operated in an organization. Even if you are not at your desk, you can work with data-related tasks on your mobile effectively. Mobile Analytics and Mobile Intelligence are the maturing pillars offering more natural and spontaneous interfaces across the domain.
  • Graphics for Smarter Analytics: With the availability of Open Source Software in Data Analytics, it is easy to kick start self-service analytics for tasks like forecasting, prediction and others. You do not have to rely on favored vendors for consultation and answers, but experiment and bring innovations to the desk.
Every day, new software, tools or platforms pop up to deal with Big Data and apply Analytics in intelligent ways to run our businesses more productively. Keep identifying fruitful methods to implement on your organization’s data to reach better and more optimized results.