[Infographic] The mobile process for modern professionals on the move

Megan Ritter

With the surge in popularity and accessibility of smartphones, tablets and other wireless instruments, the face of work travel has changed accordingly, and a process that once included card files, paperwork, fax and a reliable landline now increasingly include just one or two pieces of equipment – a mobile phone and a laptop.

Mobile data is quickly adapting remote work for many individuals who travel outside the office.

Improvements in Technology

Mobile devices with wireless capabilities have flooded the market in recent years. OEMs, service providers, and app and software developers have raced to permeate this booming industry where users can access tons of information from their personal devices. Naturally, business processes have shifted to reflect this change, with increased expectations on the modern business traveler to be instantly available and able to access company systems.

Making the Most of Working Remotely

Because today’s business traveler is often thoroughly connected to the office, it’s possible to work more effectively than in decades previous. The remote worker can keep abreast of happenings in the office through email, video chat, and the like during the travel period. What’s more, it’s easier for those left back at headquarters to proceed when their coworker can answer questions or forward crucial information from their device.

Companies are able to upgrade their IT infrastructure to support this aspect of working remotely. Individuals can access the network and any files or data located on the office server from their location and make changes or suggestions to work being done by their peers.

It’s possible that today’s travelers can stay on-site for longer if need be. Instead of leaving the site at a designated time, they can return to the office when the job is done, and remain in the loop in the meantime.

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