How joint venture CVB switched to digital processes on a major construction project

Digitizing processes for the Thames Tideway Tunnel resulted in many benefits including facilitating remote working, reducing Covid-19 transmission risks and improving process governance

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The Costain, VINCI and Bachy Soletanche joint venture (CVB JV) is a collaboration of three major construction companies which coordinated efforts to achieve the successful delivery of one of London’s largest ever projects, the Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT). The TTT is a new sewer system designed to combat the ongoing pollution of the River Thames and change the relationship between Londoners and their famous river.

Lampros Arvanitis, BIM manager at CVB JV, and Paul Stone, product strategist at digital process automation software provider FlowForma, discussed the nature, implications and requirements of this iconic project in a recent virtual fireside chat.

Arvanitis offered insights into the motivation behind CVB JV’s decision to switch to digital processes for the project. He noted that reducing paper usage would remove the risk of lost or unreadable paperwork and facilitate remote working while reducing Covid-19 transmission and improve process governance among other benefits. Arvanitis went on to detail CVB JV’s key requirements when selecting a process automation tool, which included a familiar web interface  for ease of access for external users.

Attendees were also given a look into how CVB JV began their digitization journey and what processes have been automated so far, with Arvanitis noting that the FlowForma ‘SureStart Program’ allowed them to launch the first automated process within two months.

Arvanitis took viewers through what the future holds for CVB, before providing a useful demonstration of how the JV has applied the FlowForma software to facilitate delivery of the ambitious project.

Watch the video here to access the full range of useful insights, explanations and demonstrations from Arvanitis and Stone.

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