How Uber are creating a more centralised global process excellence function and managing the cultural demands in a fast paced environment.

PEX Europe 2017 PEXCast Highlight.

Aya Gharbawi

Uber’s core principles include customer obsession, meritocracy and process resource optimisation. Uber has propelled to unprecedented heights in platform excellence yet still appreciate the importance of both internal and external customers. By moving away from a decentralised operational model towards a more standard process consistency approach, Uber are developing the people behind the processes to continue their exponential growth.

  • Move away from decentralization to create a more standard model with more process consistency.
  • Understand your enthusiastic and innovative culture and offer your staff structure and guidance.
  • Thought leadership: Apply an agile Lean Six Sigma approach and utilize the common language at Uber.
  • Apply the Voice of the Customer and use that information to gather data and insight, which will feed back into products, engineering and upgrades.
  • Get products to market faster: Product improvement, manage defects, support efficiency and operational consistency as feeders for your products.

This highlight video was filmed for PEXCast at PEX Europe 2017. To watch the full session visit