The feedback factor

Seth Adler

The sheer amount of data available to business leaders can feel overwhelming: this week's podcast guest describes the amount of work done on data before introducing RPA as 'excruciating.' Is it really worth it? And should businesses really be going out of their way to gather even more?

Viral Chhaya of General Motors returns to the podcast and talks about the maturing RPA journey within his organization, getting feedback (good AND bad), and 'rationalizing the footprint': working out where the business should - and shouldn't - be. 

"One interesting new thing we are doing is, we do callbacks not only for our detractors, low scores, we also do callbacks for our promoters. To also try and understand what is it that we are doing right, because as an organization we believe in the philosophy of strength finders, and therefore we want to capitalize on them and do more of it so that the hope is that we don't have as many detractors."